Replacing a condo roof? Here is a complete guide for you.

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Your condo roof may need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, severe weather, or perhaps even a natural disaster. Replacing a roof is a complex job of great magnitude that requires skilled and experienced professionals. However, if you know how to do the job, the hassle will be negligible. Here is a complete guide covered in five steps to help you replace your roof.

The contractor makes a lot of impacts

Choose the right contractor who can help you seamlessly replace the roof. This is practically the most important thing for you to do first. How well your roof will be replaced will depend totally on the experience and skill of the contractor you hire. A skilled and able contractor can replace your roof with a long-lasting one. You should research a little to find a contractor who has excellent reviews, is entirely professional, and communicates clearly and regularly with you.

The materials are important

You’ll have to make critical decisions before getting your roof replaced. It is high time that you choose suitable materials. Please remember that there are many basic roofing materials to choose from. Some materials have proven to be better for particular regions. So you should choose materials that work well in your climate and yet be pretty appealing. Some of the more common options to choose from as far as roofing materials are concerned are metal, slate, wood shakes, asphalt composition shingles, tile, and composition slate, among many others.

Removing the old roof

In most cases, the old shingles need to be removed before the new roofing materials are placed. However, the new roofing material may need to be placed over the old one in some cases. This usually happens when installing metal roofing over asphalt shingles, especially if one layer of shingles is already on the roof. The contractor must inspect the wood decking at this point. During this process, truly skilled and experienced professionals and special equipment are used to ensure that the entire process is carried out seamlessly.

You may also need to consider the timing. After all, you do not want to remove the old roof and leave it like that for weeks. The new materials should be kept at hand and ready to be installed. In this way, you can avoid any unnecessary damage to the structural parts of your home. Also, the team involved in replacing your roof needs to understand the safety measures that need to be taken to avoid any accident or mishap.

Inspecting the wood decking

The roofing materials will always need a solid base to be installed correctly. If the roof has been replaced because of some damage caused by severe weather, fire, or even heavy falling debris, it is quite possible that the wood decking itself may have sustained some damage as well. Also, it is quite possible that the wood decking has become soft or rotted because of the moisture that it collected over the years. It was for the roofing contractor to perform a thorough inspection of the roof. Only then will he be able to decide whether or not the decking is in good condition for the new roof to be secured or whether the decking itself needs to be repaired or replaced. This is one of the significant things that you cannot miss out on!

Readying the roof surface

When preparing the roof surface for new shingles, some extra steps need to be followed. Drip edge installation is a piece of non-corrosive metal placed all across the edges of the roof. It helps to prevent water from getting underneath them, which helps avoid any damage caused to the deck. Underlayment installation is a water-resistant and even waterproof material placed between the roofing materials and the decking. This prevents the water from rain or any melting ice from seeping into the wood decking. In this way, any damage to the entire roof surface is avoided. When readying the roof surface by yourself, ensure that you take proper caution so that no damage is caused to the deck.

Installing new roof materials

After all of the above has been taken care of; finally, the new roofing materials are installed onto the roof surface. Again, please remember that the time of installation may vary based on the type of roofing materials used. The more expensive materials such as slate will take longer to install, especially since they can crack or break anytime if stepped on. Naturally, this calls for the roofing contractor to be meticulous during installation. There may be other more technical reasons for the roofing to take more time. It may be so that the roofing contractor is just trying to be extra careful to make sure that your roof gets a longer life span. Listen to professionals when they advise something.

Final inspection and cleaning up

When the roofing materials have been installed, the crew handling the project will clean up the leftover debris so that the house is clean. A detailed inspection of the newly installed roof by the roofing contractor will ensure that no errors were made. The inspection process also helps the roofing contractor make sure that there are no flaws in the roofing material. It is only after the roofing contractor is satisfied that the roof is exactly what he wanted it to be and meets the needs and requirements of the homeowner he considers the job to be done. Ensure that you are not missing out on this at any cost as it is highly important.


So, are you replacing a condo roof? The complete guide above provided for you will prove quite an asset. Go ahead and begin by researching the roofing materials, the roofing contractor, and the processes and steps involved in getting your condo roof replaced. Although this may sound unnecessary, it does pay off in the long run if you understand the entire process and what goes into replacing a roof.

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