Rubber Roofing vs. Metal Roofing: Which is Better for You in Alberta?

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When it comes to rubber roofing vs. metal roofing, there are many factors to consider. We will discuss rubber roofing and metal roofing in Alberta so that you can make an informed decision about which type of material is best for your needs. Some people might be wondering what the difference between rubber roofs and metal roofs is, or how they differ from one another. The main difference between rubber roofs and metal roofs is that rubber roofs are a single-ply product whereas metal roofs have more than one layer of sheet steel on top of each other—this extra protection makes them last longer if exposed to harsh conditions like heavy snowfall or hail storms.

Rubber roofing

Rubber roofing refers to a single-ply synthetic membrane made from either rubber, plastic polymers, or both. The rubber is resilient and the water does not seep through it easily. Rubber roofing can also endure exposure to harsh weather conditions like heavy snowfall or hail storms. This combination makes a roof extra-strong but still flexible enough to not be easily damaged.

There are 4 types of rubber roofing in Alberta

  1. Rubber Shingles: Rubber shingles are rubber roofing products that are cut to resemble the look of asphalt shingles. Rubber roofing is popular for its appearance. Compared to metal, rubber roofs have a great aesthetic value and need less maintenance because of their longevity.
  2. EPDM: Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer is typically the most popular material for rubber roofs. It has the longest lifespan and the lowest rubber roofing cost. This makes it perfect for a new roof installation.
  3. TPO: TPO rubber roofs are made from thermoplastic polyolefin or TP rubber. They’re resistant to sunlight and UV radiation, which makes them more durable because they won’t get brittle or dissolve with time. Rubber roofs also have a lower rubber roofing cost when compared to metal roofs.
  4. PVC: Polyvinyl chloride, the third type of available material, is easily the strongest of the three as the seams are welded shut instead of glued or taped. For the last 50 years, PVC has been in practice to be used in rubber roofing. This is due to its rubber’s durability and strength. It can withstand weather conditions like heavy snowfall or hail storms, unlike rubber roofing.


  • Cheaper costs,
  • Longer-lasting than metal roofs,
  • Fire-resisting,
  • Low repair costs,
  • Less maintenance,
  • Recyclable.


  • Not as durable in extreme weather conditions like our Alberta region.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is popular for commercial properties in the Alberta region. The benefit of the metal roof is, it is affordable and durable. It has more than one layer of sheet steel on top of each other, so if exposed to conditions like heavy snowfall or hail storms, the rubber roof would be damaged more easily than a metal roof since metal roofs are more durable. The roofing can be fixed on steep and slat rooflines. Metal roofing is fire-resistant and energy-efficient. We can use metal roofing in many colors, styles, materials, and finishes.


  • Metal roofing is affordable which might be an attractive option for some people as it could result in a lower rubber roofing cost.
  • It is also durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy snowfall or hail storms.
  • stronger material, better in harsh weather conditions.


  • Metal roofs are not aesthetically pleasing because they have a rough texture and look
  • Costlier price for installation and materials.
  • Generate noise during rain
  • Difficult to repair

Rubber roofs are cheaper but won’t last as long whereas metal roofs will cost more to install but last longer. So which type of roofing material is best for your needs? We recommend rubber roofs if you’re looking for a cheap and easy installation with easy repair capability, or metal roofs if you want something that will withstand harsh weather conditions better.

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