5 Signs Your Commercial Roof Might Need to Be Replaced

July 21, 2023 | Uncategorized | Comments (0)

The roof is an essential part of any commercial building, which is why it needs additional care and maintenance. The roof binds together all the elements of your building and also gives the ultimate protection it needs. Come to think of it, the roof is like the umbrella that protects your building from harsh temperatures and moisture-related damages.

When you properly maintain your commercial roof, you can extend its lifetime and use it to its fullest potential. That said, it is understandable that the roof has a certain life period; when that is exhausted, you should replace it with a newer roof. So, it would be best to look for signs suggesting that your commercial roof might need to be replaced.

Check out the 5 crucial signs that indicate that your commercial roof might need to be replaced.

1. Leak

The primary and obvious sign you can observe is checking your roof for leakage. The leaks can hint that it’s time for your commercial roof to be replaced. Just because there is a leak doesn’t mean you should replace the roof. It is vital to check what caused the leak and if it can be fixed through repairs and additional maintenance. For instance, if you have water damage, you can fix it immediately, and the roof can function as it is.

But a leaking roof could become the central ground for many issues. If left unchecked, it could soon lead to mold growth, wood rot, other leaks, and moisture issues and can damage the structure of the roofing and building. So, do not wait it out when you find a leakage in the roof. The sooner you check it with the professionals, the lesser you will have to spend. If the leakage is causing several issues, it is best to get the commercial roof replaced.

2. Increased bills

The next sign that shows you should replace the commercial roof is based on your energy bills. Irrespective of the building size, your commercial roof is an integral and essential element that will regulate the temperature levels and affect energy usage. Therefore, it will also be valuable in reducing energy costs.

In that case, when your roof is damaged or if its life has ended, you could see a sharp increase in the energy bills you pay. This is because a damaged roof cannot regulate the temperature properly or keep energy spending low. As a result, your HVAC system must put in the extra effort to keep the temperature at normal levels, eventually costing you more. So, the most obvious sign for your commercial roof replacement is the spike in energy costs. Since new and updated versions are coming in frequently, you can save more on your energy bills by investing in a new, updated commercial roof set up.

3. Lifetime

One major identification to replacing your commercial roof is the lifetime of the roof. Arguably, a commercial roof’s average lifespan will be around 20-25 years when maintained properly. So, if the lifespan has ended, it is time to replace the commercial roof. However, it is better if you start planning the replacement when the roof is approaching 20 so that old age will not affect other factors and elements of the roof and your building.

When you calculate the average lifespan of your commercial roof, you have to factor in details like the type of roofing material used, the climate of your place, the number of repairs done, the quality of maintenance, etc. Sometimes it might show more signs of wear and tear and several leaks even before the old age mark, but that is your sign that the commercial roof has a shorter lifespan.

4. Loose roofing materials

The loose roofing materials on your commercial property are the next sign in replacing your roof. What causes loose roofing materials? It could be because of extreme weather conditions, improper installation, the age of the roof, and others. But loose roofing materials need to be immediately addressed. Similar to leaks, when the loose roofing materials are left unnoticed, it could lead to water damage, additional leaks, and other damages that could affect the roof and the entire property. So, loose roofing materials are the biggest sign to replace your commercial roof immediately.

5. Blistering

Like leaks, if your commercial roof has blistering and bubbles, you are in for some huge problem and need to change the commercial roof immediately. The roof gets blisters when the roof trap moisture due to wear and tear, leaks, or other problems. These small bubbles and blisters on the roof need immediate attention. While bubbles result from trapped pockets of air or water, blisters happen when roofing material begins to break down, leading to small pockets of air and water. Both blisters and bubbles will slowly weaken your roof. So, ask a professional roofer to check out the commercial roof with blisters as soon as possible and determine if a replacement is necessary.

Brownie Point – Replacement costs lesser than repairs

While maintenance and repairs can extend the lifetime of the roofs, and it is wise to get the repairs done now and then, sometimes repairs are not going to be just enough. It could be because of the severity of the damage, new updates in the industry, or because the roof has become too old. But there will be certain times when the repairs might not be enough or cost more than your replacement expenses. So, when your repairs cost you more, there is no better choice than replacing your roof.

Summing Up

When you observe these signs or similar wear and tear, you should contact a professional roofing service to get things done. Sometimes, the roof might show extreme signs, but a minor repair or coating could solve the issue. But on other occasions, even slight damage might indicate the need for replacement.

A strong and well-maintained commercial roof helps in protecting your building. Therefore, always keep an eye out for these signs. If you need to repair or replace your commercial roof, contact an expert immediately before the damage penetrates other elements in your building.