Roofing Project Financing

This is the fast, flexible, easy way to pay for your roofing projects’ needs without having to wait. No need to go to the bank. It’s the consumer-friendly financial program endorsed by your local dealer.


Apply for a payment plan using our online application form

Our system will perform a credit check

On credit approval, we provide you with an application number

Call Best Top Roofing at (780) 710-9990 for an appointment and have all requested documents and the application number available.

Am I guaranteed to get a payment plan?

No, getting approved depends on your credit history and current affordability factors. The rate and amount you are able to borrow will also vary depending on your credit history and affordability.

We are the financing partner for Best Top Roofing. We are the financial institution that enables Best Top Roofing to provide a payment plan for your purchase. The approval of your payment plan, and of all payments associated with it, will be made to us and not to Best Top Roofing.


Why do you need my housing information?

For identity verification purposes. Your housing information helps to ensure a proper identity match when performing a credit check.

Why do you need my proof of income?

We require proof of income – specifically your most recent pay stub – to ensure your financial status accommodates the payment plan for your purchase;

Why do you need a void cheque?

A void cheque is required in order to verify the authenticity of your banking information.

Is it secure?

Yes. Very. Your connection to Financeit is secure and encrypted using AES – 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This is the same level of encryption used by leading banks and government agencies.


How long will I have to make payments for?

Our payment plans range from 1 – 15 years in length. You can choose how quickly you want to pay off the balance.

How do you have access to my credit history?

After getting your permission we connect securely to a credit agency to access your credit history.

What if I change my mind on what I’m buying?

No problem! There are no commitment. You have just been approved for a loan up to a specific amount. As long as it’s from the same business, you can make any purchase up to the total approved amount.

How do I make payments? To Best Top Roofing?

All payments will be made directly to Finance it. The funds go to the Best Top Roofing and they service your roofing needs.

What if I want to pay off my purchase early?

No problem, there are no early payment penalties. You can send Financeit a cheque, contact us to make an early payment by direct debit.

Is there a penalty if I make unscheduled payments on my purchase?

No, as long as you are making payments ahead of your required monthly payment


How can I get in contact with Finance it?

For any questions related to your application please contact our customer service representative at or call 1.888.536.3025 and hit ‘4’

What are your hours of operation?

Our team is available 9am – 9pm EST Monday through Friday, Saturday 10am – 6pm EST.

What will be required of me after I book an appointment with Best Top Roofing?

You will be required to sign a loan agreement to finalize your roofing contract with Best Top Roofing. In order to process your loan more efficiently, please ensure you have your application number, a piece of government issue photo ID, a void cheque and your most recent pay stub.


*Best Top Roofing is not in any way affiliated with the Financing. All loans given are strictly through our third party financing partners and any future payments, changes or inquiries must be done through them.