6 Things to Consider Before Getting a Skylight

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Do you want to brighten up your life? A skylight installation will do just that, providing additional natural light to the house’s interior while also improving your quality of life in ways you never expected. Some of us have experienced the value of a skylight and now have newer versions installed. If a skylight is missing, consider installing one on the roof to welcome the sun’s warm rays. Why not install a skylight on an existing roof that could use some brightening up with the sun’s warm rays?

A skylight allows in much more light than normal windows and is a great addition to any house. The cost and difficulty of the work should be the first things to consider when determining whether or not to install a skylight. Getting a skylight that works for you is the greatest way to prevent having your skylight repaired in the future. Before agreeing to do business with our contractor on your new home improvement project, make sure you are aware of all of the details surrounding the installation of your newest home improvement tool.

What Should You Consider When Installing Skylights?

We’ll answer certain inquiries for potential skylight purchasers to assist them in making educated decisions when considering purchasing a skylight.

Is Skylighting a Good Idea for Every Roof?

A skylight isn’t suitable for every roof. It’s due to the fact that the skylight is attached to the structure in a certain way. To comprehend the problem, it’s important to know that a skylight is set below the roofline and beneath the shingles, necessitating that the additional weight be supported by the roof. Because stick-framed roofs have rafters that are spaced apart, providing plenty of support for the skylight while also allowing for installation, they’re better positioned than flat or sloped roofs. A truss-framed roofing system wasn’t built to be modified subsequently – the prefabricated roof supports must be maintained to maintain structural integrity. You could hire a contractor to install skylights in this roofing system, but they’d be tiny ones.

Is Glass the Only Option for Glazing?

A skylight is made up of materials such as wood, vinyl, and metal that make up the actual skylight we see. A light-emitting piece of transparent material is inserted into the frame, while a glazed insert is placed in place. You have a choice of either glass or plastic for your skylight’s insert. When it comes to glass glazing, glass is more expensive and heavier to install. There are several advantages associated with using a glass insert, including increased impact resistance and fewer scratches. The two main features of a skylight that glass provides are low-emissivity coatings to protect against UV rays and argon gas inserted between panes of glass for greater thermal insulation. Plastic as an insert is cost-effective; it’s sturdy and light when used. The disadvantages of plastic compared to glass are that it does not absorb punishment as well and allows excessive UV radiation when installed.

Is it Possible for Skylights to Allow More Air and Light into a House?

There are two different types of skylights to choose from: a fixed kind that does not open, and a vented type that can be opened and shut. A fixed skylight prevents moisture from entering while also reducing the chances of leaks. To open and close a vented skylight, you may use a crank or an electric motorized mechanism. You get more light with both types of skylights, as well as greater fresh air with the vented versions.

Is Location Important?

Certainly, the site is important; keep in mind that you’re trying to light up a dark room that receives no natural light, so your contractor will assist you with finding the best location for the skylight. When installing a skylight, the slope is an important issue to consider; a professional contractor will be able to advise on where to put the skylight’s insert. According to tradition in the skylight installation sector, a skylight should be placed on a five-to-15-degree rise above the roof’s latitude. The orientation of the skylight may also be altered. If you can put it on a north-facing side of the property, you’ll have bright sunshine all day, every day of the year. Consider any natural or manmade obstructions that might affect the sun’s ability to shine through the skylight when considering where to place your skylight. Because of the lack of sunlight, walls or taller buildings might cause a problem. Make your decision thoughtfully because lack of sunshine can be an issue in some regions. Consider adding a skylight near a tree to give shade during the heat of the day if the weather in your region is intense during the summer months.

The Key To An Amazing Skylight is Regular Maintenance

A leaking skylight is an emergency that requires immediate attention. A leak may begin modest and quickly grow bigger, so check your skylight at least once a month. If your rugs appear discoloured or damp, you have a leak to address. To keep the brilliant sunshine streaming in, clean your skylight using warm water and soap solution on the inside and a pressure washer for the outside coating. Regular inspections by a certified contractor will find any nascent damage that is beginning. You’ll be relieved. You should have a nice view from your room because it is cooler than the outdoors, and you will not be plagued with heat or mosquitoes. You may still watch TV to keep yourself entertained in the evening when all of your family members are asleep. The ambiance that can be brought into a property by placing skylights has been well documented throughout history as one of its many benefits.

Hire a Professional

STOP! You aren’t an expert, and rushing out to a home improvement store for a DIY skylight installation may put you at a disadvantage. No knowledge, no skills, no talent—and the roof damage might be in the thousands if you install the skylight incorrectly. When it comes to projects, there are many different stages. You must remove shingles, create a hole in the roof, build a frame, and then apply flashing and patching any holes you make. This isn’t the sort of work for someone who is just getting started with DIY. For an excellent installation, it is best left to the professionals.  If you live near or in Edmonton, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, or Leduc, and are looking for snow removal services, get in touch with us at Best Top Roofing 780-710-9990. We also provide all types of roofing repair, installation, and maintenance services. If you feel you need any help regarding your home’s roof by visiting our website: Besttoproofing.ca/. So if you need any roofing services, give us a call right away.