Edmonton Roofing Facts

The average lifetime of a roof in Edmonton

  1. Cedar Roof: 30 - 35 years
  2. Metal Roof: 40 - 70 years
  3. Rubber Roof: 20 years
  4. TPO Roof: 22 - 30 years
  5. PVC Roof: 50 years
  6. Asphalt Shingle Roof: 15 - 20 years

Cedar roofing in Edmonton

Cedar is a popular material for wooden roofing in Edmonton along with other roofing types, with red and white cedar being preferred for different reasons. Both kinds can be treated to be fire-retardant and other chemical preservatives can be used. Red cedar roof is costly compared to white cedar due to the natural preservative(tannic acid) it contains. People also prefer red cedar due to its red color.

Silvery white cedar is also considered a wise investment and an attractive choice, with natural decay resistance. White cedar will not splinter under stress. Cedar shake roofs life is about 30-35 years, depending on installation quality, the material used in the installation, regular maintenance, etc. Cedar roofs are undoubtedly strong enough compared to other roofs in front of wind resistance. 

Metal Roofing in Edmonton

Metal roofing is popular for commercial properties in the Edmonton region. The benefit of the metal roof is, it is affordable and durable. The roofing can be fixed on steep and slat rooflines. Metal roofing is fire resistant and energy-efficient. We can use metal roofing in many colors, styles, materials, and finishes. Asphalt roofing prices will vary depending on product and labor costs. Assuming you are considering a mid-range shingle installed by a licensed contractor, a residential metal roof will cost about 3+ times more than asphalt.

Cons of the metal roofing: 
  • Generate noise during the rainy season
  • Difficult to repair if it gets damaged