A Complete Guide For Choosing Residential And Commercial Roofing Contractor Edmonton

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Choosing a Roofing Contractor Edmonton may be a daunting task. There is a lot of roofing information, but how can you know what is essential and what isn’t? A homeowner won’t have a terrible experience with any roofing contractor in Edmonton if they are well-informed about their options!

Complete guide on roofing services

The first thing you should know is that there are several roofing services in Edmonton to choose from as of now. Roofs aren’t the main issue here; oil prices in Alberta are. Oil workers looking for a new job will go to the roofing sector, which has a low barrier to entry.

Roofing is a famous “spring breakup” task for oil field employees since it coincides with their slack season… Whenever an oilfield can’t be accessed, summer-job roofers with ladders and nail guns suddenly find themselves running a roofing business. This is where the issue starts. An inexperienced roofer may not know the difference or what to look for while inspecting a building from above. So, what do you do next, then?

Edmonton, Alberta’s capital region’s Best Top Roofing, specializes in re-roofing, new roofs, roof repairs, maintenance and all roofing-related services. This company has serviced Edmonton, Leduc, Beaumont, Calmar and Devon; Wetaskiwin; Lamont; Wetaskiwin; Bruderheim; Sherwood Park; Fort Saskatchewan; Spruce Grove; Gibbons; Stony Plain; Edson Plamondon; Morinville; Red Water; Tofield; and Calgary since 2010.

Best Top Roofing provides residential and commercial roofing services to individuals and businesses. It is important that you are aware of the roofing contractor in Edmonton and its services!

How to Choose Between Repairing and Replacing Your Roof?

Repairing and replacing your roof is a significant home service improvement job that should not be taken lightly, unlike repainting or refinishing your cabinets. Roof repair is an investment, and you want to be sure that you get your money’s worth of home service out of it.

Nobody wants to spend money on new shingles only to discover that the condition is much more severe than first thought. If a few simple fixes would suffice, there’s no use in taking the roof off and spending money you don’t have. Before you decide how to fix your roof, there are several things to consider.

The Roof’s Age

Even while roofs are long-lasting and designed to keep out the elements, they are not indestructible. To know whether it’s time to replace a roof, you might look at the lifetime or “sell-by date” of the material you’re working with. For example, the average lifespan of asphalt roof shingles is around two decades.

Clay and tiles made of metal roof, on the other hand, may last considerably longer before needing replacement. You’ll begin to see indications of age and degradation in your roof as its life expectancy draws to a close. When it comes to asphalt roofs, it’s usually better to replace them rather than repair them.

Roofing Condition

It’s also a fine idea to look at your roof’s condition or level of damage. Whether or not it’s been physically damaged, its look may have degraded with time. Unfortunately, repairing a damaged roof isn’t always possible due to the severity of the damage. For example, there might be massive gaps in your roof caused by a tree that fell on top of it and couldn’t be repaired.

Repairing a tiny section of your roof, or even 30 percent of your roof, that has mild to moderate damage may be possible. However, the depth of specific problems may not be immediately apparent, mainly if the issue is hidden under the flooring. Best Top, an experienced and competent roofing business, can provide a full inspection and is the most acceptable option.

Affected Area of the Roof

Repairing and replacing your roof will depend on the extent of the damage and the cost involved. In some instances, in South Edmonton, a roofing firm may be able to fix the problem if the damage is localized. For example, if you leak your bedroom or dining room, you may have a little hole there.

A new roof is unnecessary if the damage is limited to a small area and can be repaired or patched up. However, if more than 30% of your roof is damaged, it is best to replace the whole roof.

Understanding Roof Repair

You don’t have to knock down your whole roof to have the job done when it comes to roof repair. Repairing a damaged roof in North Edmonton may include replacing shingles or other damaged or missing components, depending on the amount of the damage. Before you can fix your roof, you or a professional Roofing Contractor Edmonton must first find and diagnose the issue.

The Good and the Bad of Repairing Your Roof

A roof repair job may not be the best option in some instances. Let’s start with the pros and cons of each of your choices so you can make an informed decision.

The following are some benefits and drawbacks of repairing a roof:

  • It is less expensive to fix a roof.
  • When it comes to repairs, it doesn’t take long at all.
  • They may help your roof last longer.
  • It’s not always easy to match up a few shingles to the originals when they need to be replaced. Due to these modifications, you may notice a decline in your home’s curb appeal.
  • More issues might arise if the repair or the craftsmanship is shoddy.
  • It’s an excellent way to hide difficulties.

Understanding Roof Replacement

Due to the more time and effort required, roof replacements are typically more costly than roof repairs. However, a new roof might save you money in the long term in some instances.

When your roof is affected and damaged by bad weather, such as tornadoes, hail, or straight-line winds, you’ll want to contact your insurance company and Roofing Company Edmonton to determine whether or not your roof will be repaired or replaced.

When your roof begins to droop, it’s time to think about replacing it. Unfortunately, your roof is in danger of collapsing because of this serious issue.

The process of replacing a roof is more involved than repairing it. Many East Edmonton roofers require three to four days of work time or more to finish a medium-sized roofing project.

The Good and the Bad of Replacing Your Roof

The cost of a new roof is much higher than roof repair. For the sake of fairness, the following are the advantages and disadvantages of a new roof:

  • The result is that defects in the construction of a roof, no matter how elusive, can be found and fixed. This is called soffit fascias. When it comes to soffits fascias, they’re two separate things.
  • In the long term, a new roof may save you money.
  • It has the potential to enhance the appearance of your home.
  • It has the potential to lower utility costs and enhance energy efficiency.
  • A replacement roof will endure much longer than a repair.
  • You’ll need extra supplies, time, and labor if you decide to replace your whole roof.
  • It’s a more costly undertaking.
  • A new roof installation might take much longer than a simple repair.

Why Need Roof Repairs or Replacement By Roofing Experts In Edmonton?

Do you remember the last time you took a good hard look at your roof? It might be challenging to know whether your roof has to be repaired from the ground up. So here’s a list of the significant three signs that your roof needs Roofing Services Edmonton!

Leaks in your ceilings or attic space from the inside

The discoloration on your bedroom ceiling seems to be increasing in size or intensity. A roof leak might be the cause of this! Signs of a leak include swelling, discoloration, and sagging. These may be located in the attic of a house or business. Roof repairs or replacement may be necessary if you find anything like what is detailed above in your ceilings.

Damaged or missing hinges

If you don’t regularly examine your roof for damage or missing shingles, you might risk your family’s safety. Take a thorough look at your roof while standing in your yard. Roof repairs may be necessary if your shingles are curled, cracked, damaged, or missing. Inspect your gutters and downspouts as well. They may be clogged. You may need to make a roof replacement if you detect shingle material in them.

If you see patches of mold or moss on your roof, don’t ignore them.

This is an issue that many people aren’t aware exists. Moss may be a beautiful addition to your house, but it can also cause early collapse. If moss and mold are seen growing on a roof, water is being held in an area where it shouldn’t exist. Eventually, the water seeps through the shingles and into the inside of your house. This may lead to water leaks and mold growth in your home!

What Is Commercial Roofing?

The roofs of commercial and residential foundations are different. Commercial roofing is often more extensive and has a lower slope or is entirely flat. Since they are constructed in components, flat roofs require more frequent repairs and more extensive upkeep than other roof types. The weight of the equipment on the roof and the necessity to cover a more extensive area are two considerations in the conventional design of a business roof. As far as design goes, residential dwellings tend to be less of a problem since they are simpler to repair, replace, and maintain.

Know About Best Top Roof’s Commercial Roofing Services!

Best Top knows how important it is to safeguard your company’s assets, including workers, renters, and other valuables, by installing a roof that can withstand any weather condition. For more than 30 years, Best Top has served as a general contractor, delivering commercial roofing materials and services.

Even though commercial roofing is comparable to residential, property managers and insurance companies have specific criteria. For example, the kind of business property’s roof will dictate the repair that must be done.

In terms of residential roofing, they provide the following services:

  • Installation of a new roof
  • Repairing a Leaky Roof
  • A New Roof Is Needed
  • Snow Plowing from the roof

What Is Residential Roofing?

The word “residential roofing” refers to any kind of roofing service performed on a building intended to house people, such as a home. As a result, a Residential Roofing Edmonton will be a good choice for a homeowner.

Residential Roofing Types

It’s vital to know about the numerous types of Residential Roofing Edmonton systems, their attributes, and which one is best suited in accordance to the home:


Because of the simplicity of installation and cheap cost, asphalt shingles are the most extensively used roofing material. Shingles are also long-lasting, with an average lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.


In areas like South Florida, where severe weather is typical, metal roofing services are an excellent option for anyone tensed about hurricane season in their area. Metal roofing services must pass simulated wind speeds of over 150 miles per hour to satisfy strict wind and uplift testing requirements. In addition, if you have a metal roof placed on your house, it may qualify you for a cheaper homeowner’s insurance rate.


Tile roofs are trending because they are long-lasting. Tile roofs can endure rain, wind, and hail if constructed correctly. Like metal roofs, they are also fire-resistant and may cut energy costs by reducing heat transmission via air circulation beneath the tiles. They are also fire-resistant. A wide range of hues, much like shingles, may be found, making them versatile.

Know About Best Top Roof’s Residential Roofing Services!

The kind of roof on your home will define the sort of roof repair or replacement needed.

You can rely on the professionals at Ideal Best Top Roofing Worked to choose the ideal roofing solution for your needs and preferences.

Best Top Roofing has a wide range of services that other area roofing companies can’t match regardless of your home roofing requirements. As a result, they have won various honors and accolades for their high-quality roofing services.

In terms of residential roofing, they provide the following services:

  • Installation and maintenance of new roofs
  • A new roof is installed
  • Providing emergency or snow/ice removal services for the Edmonton zone

What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Roofing?

Upon first glance, it may appear as if a roof is nothing more than a roof. A business roof is different from a residential roof, of course. Natural catastrophes may devalue a home’s value and damage its roof, regardless of its kind. Both need high-quality roofing materials and the expertise of roofing contractors in the area. They’ll realize that residential and commercial roofs aren’t alike. To pick a high-quality roofing system for each project, it is critical to recognize these variances.

Materials for the Construction of Roofs

There is a vast range of alternatives to choose from and analyze regarding roofing-worked materials for residential and commercial properties. In general, business roofs have a more flattened pitch than residential ones. Roofing companies highly recommend being well-versed in both types of roofs to satisfy the needs of both and provide reliable advice on the best materials for each. Roofers in high demand have a proven track record of offering high-quality roofing supplies and highly recommend trained roofers for the installation process.

Components of roofs

  • Slate
  • Ceramic
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Timber shingles
  • Roofs with Metal
  • Solar Shingles


Apart from offering security against the weather, roof siding also adds value to a house’s appearance. A roof siding is, in reality, an essential component of house architecture. Because it’s so apparent to everyone on the property and in the neighborhood, it may help sell a house faster.

The flatness of commercial building roofs makes them less apparent to onlookers than residential building roofs. In most cases, the slope does not rise beyond the minimum percentage needed to allow water to drain and prevent it from collecting. Therefore, flat roofs are sometimes referred to as low-slope roofing because of the minor slope that is not readily apparent.

Residential and commercial roofs serve different purposes. When it comes to commercial roofing, patterns, colors, and designs aren’t as common as in the residential sector. Using rooftop measurements, it is possible to determine the size of a commercial roof, which usually exerts a significant quantity of stress on the structure. A reduced surface area means less stress on a home’s roof structure.

Installation and Construction of roofs

Installing and constructing residential roofs is often straightforward. The chimney is the only thing that stands in installing solar shingle life in certain houses. Commercial roofing customer service needs to be knowledgeable when constructing smokestacks, airflow systems, and exterior pipes. Commercial and residential building owners may rely on reputable roofing contractors to handle their roofing needs.


One significant distinction between commercial and residential roofs is how they are cared for. The property owner just needs to do visual inspections on the roof periodically. After bad weather or at any other time, this kind of examination is performed from the ground up to search for damage that may have occurred. Damage may be seen in missing shingles, broken gutters, and other issues.

A commercial roofing contractor is often called in to do routine inspections and repairs. The contractor must spot leaks and other damage indicators. Professional roofing inspections are performed more often on flat roofs on commercial structures. Therefore, it is critical to have an inspector present regularly. The inspector must also verify the surface to ensure that mechanical equipment contractors have not caused any harm to the roof.

Why Choose Best Top Roofing Services?

When you run a medium-sized Edmonton Roofing Company, you may save money by not having as many overhead expenses as a large corporation while having the same responsibility and security level. Free estimates are often generated by a third-party outside salesman in most well-established roofing firms. Even Best Top offers free estimates, which are generally prepared by a third-party outside salesman in most well-known roofing companies. All of their web presence ensures that you can locate them again if there is a problem, thanks to their WCB and insurance coverage. Reliability, effective communication, and prorated warranty, non prorated warranty, quality expertise reverberate throughout a medium-sized business.

With Best Top Roofing, they vow to deliver in these three essential areas with every roofing work they take on.


You can meet the contractor in person, and the person providing the prorated warranty, free estimate, and closing the sale on the roof work they will do on your home. You get to know our team and get a sense of their personality and work ethic. The first time you meet the team, you realize that they are proud roofers. This is a result of hard work as a roofer for Best Top business.

Effective Communication

You can sleep well knowing who will be working on your roof since their firm is large enough. Ensure you can identify them and hold them responsible if anything goes wrong. The Roofing Company Edmonton is small enough that you can quickly contact someone to discuss the specifics of your roofing job and that any issues you may have will be handled on your roof. As a result, switch to the top Edmonton Roofing Company.

Quality Expertise

Working with a mid-sized company like Best Top Roofing ensures prorated warranty, unlike other firms with non-prorated warranties. Also, Ensures that you are getting high-quality products. Despite the term’s widespread use, every aspect of our company’s operations is meant to create high-quality results. It is a simple practice in the roofing business to be paid by the shingle bundles they utilize. However, every bundle that is placed on a home is not created equal. It is also essential to pay attention to valleys, hips, ridges, and cut-in regions surrounding plumbing and ventilation. Concerns like whether or not appropriate ventilation is present on the roof deck should be considered while removing the shingles. You don’t get compensated for any additional “labor” or “care” you do. As a response, they have no excuse not to make an effort since they are paid hourly. It’s all about the “Quality practices,” not the “Fastest practices,” at this company. They never post videos on YouTube boasting about how quickly they can put down shingles.

What’s Special About Best Top Roof?

Many businesses, including hotels, hostels, restaurants, university housing, motor homes, condos, apartments, and other retail outlets, have benefited from Best Top Roofing’s commercial roofing and roof replacement expertise.

Your home and business will be safe to use all winter long if you hire professional roofing snow removal services. They have very generous customer service. You and your loved ones might be injured by falling ice due to the accumulation of snow. Snow and ice removal from the roof helps keep people safe and helps keep your building safe from significant damage. During the process, they take great care to ensure that your roof is not harmed.

If you’re like most people and don’t want to deal with shoveling snow any more than you have to, you may want to consider hiring a contractor to do the job for you.

Professional, competitive, efficient, top-quality product and installation will be provided in a timely, courteous, and safe way by the Best Top Roofing contractor.

What Happens When You Ignore Roofing Problems?

Maintaining the integrity of your roof is of utmost significance to its ability to operate and protect your property. That’s why it’s very critical to contact a professional like Best Top Roof as soon as you see any damage symptoms. And if the damage is so terrible that it necessitates a replacement, do it as quickly as possible.

One of your house’s most valuable assets is its roof. Snow and hailstorms, as well as high heat or cold, may cause significant damage. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life. Your roof installation is constantly being bombarded by the elements. Undesired damage and costs will accrue if you fail to monitor it or delay a necessary roof repair.

A damaged roof might lead to these consequences:

Leaks That Don’t Stop

No matter how tiny, Roof leaks may quickly become a significant problem if ignored. Unpleasant stains on the ceiling or walls and wetness and puddles appearing in unexpected locations are all indicators of a leaky roof.

Weakness In Underlying Framework

A whole building may be seriously damaged if an old and worn-out roofing system is left unattended for an extended time. For example, constant exposure to the weather may cause wood materials to deteriorate or the foundations of a building to be insecure. The moment this occurs, contact a professional to begin work on your roof installations immediately.

Water Damage

It is common for roof systems to last a very long time. Indeed, your roof will ultimately need to be replaced, just like other house sections. To minimize water damage, be sure to replace your old roofing as soon as the time comes if there are existing places where water may enter your property, your roof systems, and the structure might be jeopardized. In addition to damaging the roof, water may wreak havoc.

Different Hazards

Damaged or deteriorated roofs may pose several dangers, especially in West Edmonton. Delaying the replacement of your roof may increase the danger of a fire in your house. For example, depending on where the leak occurs, water that enters your house from your roof may come into touch with your electrical wiring. This has the potential to start a fire. Damaged roofing may pose a health concern in addition to a fire threat. Keep in mind that moisture may also lead to the growth of mold and mildew, both of which pose serious health risks. So, if you see that your roof is beginning to leak, you may want to contact a roofing professional for a roof replacement.

Rapid Increase In Bills For Electricity

Various factors may cause drafts in your house, but a deteriorated roof is one of the most common. Your electricity expenditures and damage to your heating and air conditioning systems will be prevented if you install a new roof.

Known for its high-quality work, Best Top Roofing is an independently owned and run roofing business in West Edmonton. To guarantee industry-standard outcomes, they exclusively employ high-quality materials.

Choosing a roofing contractor in Edmonton!

After a bad experience with an Edmonton roofing business, many people are reluctant to use roofing contractors in the future. Problems arise when repairing and remodeling your property, especially when it comes to roof repair and renovations.

Working with an experienced local roofing contractor is essential if you want a positive experience. Your area’s seasonal fluctuations and weather patterns need to be considered when picking roof designs and materials by a competent contractor.

When redeveloping a house or commercial facility, you need to choose a skilled and experienced roofing contractor. Preventing future maintenance issues by working with a reputed specialist during building is a win-win situation. Regular and as-needed roof inspections and maintenance should be provided by a professional. If you hear scurrying on your roof after a storm, take a glance to ensure everything is still in order. Keep an eye out for the potential warning signs!

Get in touch with the Best Top Roofing contractor to examine as soon as possible if you see anything amiss; if you wait too long, the issue may worsen, and the repair will cost you more money in your pocket in the long run. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a roofing contractor, and we certainly believe this information will help you make an informed decision. East, West, South and North Edmonton’s Best Top Roofing Company is a dependable roofing agency that is exactly the right size—neither too big nor small.