Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Storm Damage

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When was the last time you called a professional roof inspection team from Alberta to assess the structure of your roofing, the ventilation, and the gutters? Taking a look up at the roof while you are cleaning your yard might help you see if the roof is in good condition, but it won’t be called roof inspection. During a roof inspection, the contractors from Alberta go up the roof to assess the quality of the roofing material and exhaust vents.

Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection in Alberta

There is no ideal time for getting a roof inspection, although it’s best to schedule it every 6 months (especially if you live in an area with extremely fluctuating weather like Alberta). A roof inspection is also needed after a storm. Your roof serves as the first line of defense against the environmental elements that can cause serious damage to your interior and exterior structure. Even small damage to the asphalt shingles can result in roof leakage, which is why a thorough inspection is important after a storm.

Let’s see what damage a storm can possibly cause to your roofing.

Roof Damage Due to Wind

Your roof may sustain wind damage from a tornado, hurricane, or even a powerful thunderstorm. There are two ways in which wind can harm a roof. Strong gusts can cause individual shingles to dislodge. If left addressed, even a single missing shingle might result in leaks that cause extensive damage.

Occasionally, a particularly intense storm might cause a roof to be completely blown off. In such cases, the roof is rarely blown off by the wind. Instead, the damage is caused by pressure changes between the roof’s upper and lower surfaces. A storm’s rapidly moving air causes low air pressure. Meanwhile, the air inside the home that is motionless or moving slowly maintains a higher air pressure. This difference in air pressure causes the roof to “pull” toward the low pressure zone, causing lift. In a similar manner, an airplane wing may propel a heavy jetliner into the sky. In the case of your roof, though, this pressure difference can cause it to lift right off the home. This is also the cause of shattered windows during high-wind storms, when the glass is dragged outward toward the low-pressure zone.

Missing or Broken Shingles

A storm isn’t always a tornado that blows the entire roof off. Even strong winds that don’t look like a big issue can break the shingles entirely. Even if one shingle goes missing, it can leave exposed area giving water sufficient space to enter your home. Water leakage can lead to a host of other problems, such as mold and other fungus growth on the roof and in your attic, poor insulation, and roof rot. Strong winds can also cause massive amount of water to penetrate your house. Even a small leakage can cause significant damage to your property.

Roof Damage Due to Hail

When hail is around 1 inch in diameter, the majority of roofing materials begin to incur damage. On shingles, hail damage typically appears as pockmarks or little dimples. Hail can also cause shingle or tile fragments to break off at the edges of the shingle or tile. Larger hail will inflict greater destruction. The duration of hail fall is also a significant factor. A brief burst of hail greater than 1 inch in diameter will cause considerable damage, but a prolonged hailstorm can severely destroy a roof, necessitating extensive repairs or possibly replacement.

Dropping Debris

Severe storms can force trees and other forms of natural debris to fall onto your roof. This can sometimes cause your shingles to fracture, which can eventually lead to leaks. If there is still debris on your roof after a storm, you should either inspect it yourself or contact a professional to determine if there is shingle damage underneath. Ensure that your trees are pruned away from your roof to prevent future problems.

No matter how small the issue looks, any damage to your roof can have a detrimental effect on your property. If you notice any sign of roof damage, call a professional contractor in Alberta right away.

Here’s why you should hire professional roof inspection to assess roof damage from a storm.

They Can Assess Invisible Damage

Roof problems can’t be diagnosed from the ground. You need to go up there to see the level of damage a strong wind or rain water have caused to your roofing. Your roof doesn’t always leak when there’s damage. Sometimes, the storm does damage to your insulation vents or the gutter. Whatever the problem is, a professional roofing contractor in Alberta can assess any damage before it turns into a costly repair.

Usually, the inspection team will check the stability of the roof after it has sustained rainfall, a strong wind, or other extreme damages. You must call roofing contractors from Alberta immediately after your roof gets exposed to intense amount of snow or rain.

They Review the Shingles

Shingles are flat or rectangular roofing material that protects the structure of the roof and prevent the water and other elements from getting inside. The professional roofing contractor Alberta will assess the shingles based on how strong they are and if they have come loose. They don’t only locate the missing or broken shingles, but give you a better understanding of which shingles are susceptible to falling off the base.

Check Leaks

As mentioned earlier, the damages on your roof don’t always cause leakage in your attic or rooms immediately. You need to call a professional roofing contractor Alberta to identify the roof openings to get a clear picture of the spots that must be patched up. These cracks or openings are often found in the corners of the roof and other areas where two joints connect. Even a small opening in these joints can cause a heavy leakage if your roof experiences another storm.

Assess Ventilation

The vents on your roof must be tested every now and then to ensure that they are in working order. The wear and tear of the roofing due to aging can affect the ventilation. Not only will it increase your energy bills, but poor ventilation can result in uneven temperature in your home. Your HVAC units will overwork to keep your room cool and the atmosphere inside your house pleasant. During a roof inspection, the contractors from Alberta check the exhaust vents. They will replace the vents or suggest a repair plan to help fix ventilation.

They Help You Handle the Insurance Claims

If you have a home insurance, you can claim the insurance money to finance the roof repair and replacement cost. However, your insurance provider will need evidence that your roof has got damaged by a storm or other natural disaster before they release the money. Having a professional contractor assess your roof will increase your chances of claiming the insurance money effortlessly. They will create a detailed report showing the level of damage caused by the storm and the parts that need to be fixed. Some contractors call your insurance provider and handle the paperwork for you. You must be aware of what’s happening on the roof to avoid costly maintenance and repair in the future.

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