Tips to protect the roof of your house during winter

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The roof of a house suffers maximum damage during the winter months. In places that receive a significant amount of snowfall, the damage is even greater. If you do not take precautions and prepare for winter, your roof will suffer even more damage due to snowfall. For example, if you have observed some of the roof’s shingles are damaged and have curled, you should get these replaced at the earliest. The primary reason for this is that when there is snowfall, these shingles will get damaged the most. Sometimes these shingles can get completely cracked, broken and detached from the roof. As a result, you might have to carry out more renovation than you had planned earlier. Thus, you must protect and prepare the roof of your house for winter so that it suffers less damage due to snowfall and rains.

Easiest ways of protecting your roof during winter

Some of the easiest ways of protecting your roof during winter are as follows:

  • Check the roof for noticeable signs of damage
  • Clean the gutters
  • Trim the trees
  • Get the entire roof inspected

Check the roof for noticeable signs of damage.

Before the onset of winter, it is essential to check the roof for signs of damage. You should check if there is any growth of moss or algae on the roof. You should arrest the growth of moss or algae before this become extensive. Additionally, moss growth needs to be controlled by spraying it with bleach and preventing future growth. The objective behind controlling the growth of moss and algae is to ensure that the roof shingles are in good condition. However, you should not physically try to scrape it off the shingles as these might loosen the tiles or damage the roof even further. Instead, get in touch with expert roofers who will evaluate the moss or algae’s condition and suggest the best methods to remove it from the roof. This will prepare your roof for the winter.

Clean the gutters

Winter means extensive snowfall, rain and hail. Hence, it would be best to keep the gutters clean so that the excess water runs off. However, what happens is during Autumn, dry leaves get collected in the gutters. These tend to clog the gutters that run across the roof of your house. So before the onset of winter and at the end of Autumn, you should clean the gutters. When you do it, remember it is essential to give gutters around the roof and the rest of your house a thorough cleaning before winter. Cleaning just the ones near the roof is not sufficient. The water needs to run off clearly from roof and drain outside completely. This will prevent any clogging, and the snow and rainwater can run off outside efficiently.

Moreover, if the gutters get clogged, chances are there that the gutters can break when there is an excessive snowfall. This can damage the roof further, and you will have to undertake extensive renovation, which can prove tedious and expensive. Expert roofers also mention that clogged gutters can also lead to rainwater pooling on the roof, damaging the roof even further. The roof of your home can cave in under the pressure of the water. The pooling of water can even lead to leakage. Therefore, before winter sets in, you should clean all the gutters in your home to ensure that the water runs off quickly when the snow melts.

Trim the trees

Winter often means strong winds and storm-like conditions. This can mean broken branches are falling on the roof of your home and damaging it further. Given that we receive numerous calls during and after winter regarding roof damage caused due to broken branches, we strongly advise homeowners to check the trees’ condition in their front and backyards. It is a good idea to trim the trees and remove the branches protruding out onto the roof. Moreover, if there are any dry or dead branches, these should be removed at the earliest. Dead and dry branches tend to cause the maximum damage. Even if it is not near the roof, a dry branch can be lifted by a strong wind and can get stuck onto the roof of your home. Therefore, to ensure that such an accident does not occur, you should trim the trees in your yard.

Get the entire roof inspected

You must check the shingles of the roof for noticeable signs of damage, such as curling. If any shingles are missing from the roof, then you should get these replaced at the earliest. However, what homeowners often forget is that it is not sufficient to evaluate the visible shingles. It is essential to check the shingles in the middle and top of the roof, and for that, they need to get the entire roof inspected.

You must hire an expert roofer to get the entire roof inspected for damaged or broken shingles. If you identify the damaged shingles at the onset, then you will not have to replace many of them. By replacing only a few shingles, you can arrest the damage at an early stage. Moreover, with winter snow and rain, the damaged shingles will only get damaged further. Hence, you need to get the entire roof inspected before the onset of winter and replace the broken and damaged shingles.

Thus, before the onset of winter, you must get in touch with an expert roofing service providing company in your area and get the condition of your home’s roof and gutters thoroughly evaluated. If you live in Edmonton, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, St. Albert or Leduc, and think of getting the roof of your home winter ready, give us a call at Best Top Roofing 780-710-9990. Our comprehensive roofing solutions will help you evaluate the condition of the roof of your home and understand the exact solution that you require to maintain its health and condition. You can also check out our services by visiting our website: If you are looking for any service related to roof maintenance, replacement or inspection, then give us a call right away.

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