Top 8 signs your commercial roof might need to be replaced

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Commercial roofs are the best that you could do to your roofs. They are durable, resistant, and designed tough. However, proper maintenance and care are what increase its longevity. So you should check it often and do the repairs whenever needed. The last thing you want is a damaged roof to cause additional issues to your building. But sometimes, you should do more. For example, you should replace the commercial roof.

So, how do you know when to repair and when to replace it? Well, you have to pay close attention to your commercial roof and when you know that repairing is of little use or that repairing that issue is going to be expensive, you know you have to replace it. That saves you time and money. So, to make this easier for you, here are some important signs indicating your commercial roof needs to be replaced.

8 Signs Your Commercial Roof Need To Be Replaced

1. Sagging Roof

When your roof gets constantly wet, your roof could sag. This dropping roof could affect the leaks and can compromise joists. Before deciding whether you have to replace the roof, you can try two other ways. One, you could repair the roof. If that doesn’t work, you could try to replace the compromised areas of a roof. But if this damage cannot be repaired, a complete replacement of a roof might be necessary.

2. Odors

When the roofs develop molds, there could be a musty odor. It is mostly under moist conditions that molds grow. However, molds and musty odors do not mean you should replace the roof. You could get it corrected by adjusting the HVAC unit. Even cleaning your building thoroughly could help you eliminate mold growth. However, it is best to consult an expert about repairing or re-roofing to resolve mold growth problems. It is better to choose a remedy sooner than later, as mold growth can cause health problems.

3. Blistering

If your commercial roof has blistering and bubbles, there could be a more significant problem. It is again majorly because of the moisture trapped by the roofs. What’s a blister, and what does it look like? A roof blister looks very similar to the blisters on human skin. Such a pocket in a roof must be neatly removed. Be it bubbles or blisters; you need to attend to it immediately. Of course, you could always repair the areas. However, replacing the roofs is a better choice, both functionally and financially.

PS: Also, check if the blister is due to the moisture content or leak in the roof or some other place.

4. Damages

Damages to your roof that cannot be simply repaired needs you to replace the roofs. If you ignore those damages, it could start affecting your walls, ceiling, and floor. Especially when there are roof leaks, you have to take immediate action. However, if you have found the issues very early, you still have an option to reach out to a commercial roofer and get things corrected.

Similarly, if you find your roof has shingles, you should inspect it and check for patchy spots and damages. If there is moss growth, maybe water is getting trapped inside and you need to repair or replace the roof based on the severity. You should also check the roof membrane for damages. Like shingles, if you find bald spots, it is a sign of a problem. It could primarily be due to the worn-out stage of the adhesive that makes it less efficient. So, you should probably replace the roof.

5. Dripping

If you see puddles on the floor and the roof is dripping, it is a significant sign to call for an inspection. You might have to also replace the roof if the problem is severe. Because a dripping roof could not just be a threat to your roof and buildings, but can also lead to anyone slipping and hurting themselves.

6. Clogged Drainage

Your clogged drainage system could be another major red flag. If less water is coming through the gutters, your drainage is clogged. Again, this does not require you to replace the roof. You can solve it by repairing and maintaining it properly. However, if you fail to notice it for a long time, your roof could get significantly damaged, and you will have to replace the roof.

7. Worn Out Roofing Materials

Your roof might always look perfect, but it need not be actually in its best shape. This is because we cannot spot the wear and tear of the roof materials quickly. Over the years after its installation, commercial roofs do need maintenance and could be damaged. Therefore, it is advisable to call for a professional inspection. If there are a few damages, you could get it repaired. However, if the roofing materials have worn out and the repair costs are probably more than or close to replacing expenses, it is best to replace the roof.

8. Other Signs

  • Standing water after rains could be a sign of a significant drainage problem. This could also lead to several other damages like leaks, the creation of molds, etc.
  • Stained ceiling or walls also indicate an issue with some roof part that needs immediate attention.
  • Paint peeling could also mean you should have your roofs inspected professionally.

Closing Thoughts

Commercial roofs are durable and efficient. However, if you notice one or more of these signs, it’s time to replace the roofs. This could be an issue with the roof itself. Or it could be caused due to wear and tear over the years. Professionals always suggest that you change the roofs if it is over 25 years. In addition, it could be due to weather conditions, temperature, ignoring minor repairs, storms, and other such conditions. Though most damages are not easily noticeable, you can always know when to replace the roof with the above signs. When you find such signs, always contact professionals and experts to seek their opinion and guidance. Then, after proper analysis and inspection, you could take a call to replace your commercial roof.