How Often Should You Replace Your Roof?

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When it comes to keeping your roof in prime condition and making sure that it provides the necessary protection for your home, there are a few things you need to know. One of these is when you should replace your roof. This can be due to wear and tear age, or weather-related damage such as hail. Roofs usually last about 20 years before requiring replacement so it’s important to monitor how much time has passed and the severity of the damage incurred.

Roof replacement complete guide

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your property, and it is important to maintain it well. If you find that you are noticing cracks or leaks in your roof, or if it is old enough to be due for a replacement, then you might want to consider replacing it. Different kinds of roofs may need to be replaced at different intervals, and some materials last longer than others. However, many experts recommend replacing a roof after about twenty years on average.

Why replace your roof?

Some homeowners barely know what a roof is. Some may not even know that a roof is a necessity for a house. However, many people do recognize the importance of a good roof and they want to make sure that it is in good shape for as long as possible.

It is difficult to determine if replacing a roof is necessary or not except the roof is leaking. Take a look below to learn about reasons you may consider replacing your roof

5 reasons to consider having a new roof installed on your property

Reason 1 Storm Damage

Storm damage is one of the common reasons for replacing a roof. Damage accused due to high winds and broken tree branches. Storms can cause damage in many ways. Some of them are blowing shingles, granules off of the roof. Replacement of the roof depends on the severity of the damage done. After analyzing roof damage sport, roof experts can decide between roof repair and roof replacement.

Reason 2 Boost your home’s resale value by replacing the roof

Many home buyers will take a look at the roof and be turned away by the sight of an old and weathered roof. This may be why many homeowners neglect to replace their roofs before selling their homes. Fortunately, you can make your home more appealing to potential buyers by replacing your old and weathered roof. The cost of replacing your roof is easily offset by the increased resale value you’ll get on your property.

Reason 3 Building an addition or Remodeling

Another reason that homeowners decide to replace their home’s roof is if they are in the midst of a remodel or home addition. Installing a new roof on just your addition can often look a bit strange, so if there are any signs of deterioration on the current roof, many homeowners elect to replace the entire roof for the sake of continuity.

Reason 4 It is time to replace the roof

The roof of your home suffers maximum damage due to exposure to heat, light, and snow. Thus, over time you will see signs of damage on the roof of your home. Expert roofers will tell you that usually, a roof needs to be replaced after twenty years. When you purchase a house, you must check the structural details and determine precisely when the house was constructed. It is also essential to check if the roof has been replaced recently, then you will not need to replace it. However, if the roof is old and if the house is over twenty years old, then you will need to replace the roof. You must replace the roof even if externally it appears to be in good condition. If evaluated carefully, you will find numerous damaged shingles, and the best solution would be to replace the entire roof.

Types of roofs in Edmonton, Alberta
  1. Cedar Roof
  2. Metal Roof
  3. Rubber Roof
  4. Asphalt Roof
Type 1 Cedar Roof:

Cedar roofing is known for its strength, durability and visual appeal, and or commercial buildings. Cedar natural oils help resist decay, insect damage and withstand Alberta’s extreme weather conditions. Cedar’s natural beauty is unbeatable it is a Younger wood that features honey yellow and cinnamon brown tones. Which changes into silver-grey color as the wood matures. Cedar roof is naturally resistant to storm damage and stands strong against heavy rain, snow, wind, or hail. Cedar is a natural insulator. It keeps the warm thin during winter and the cooler air in during the summer this results in lower energy bills.

Life of cedar roof: Cedar roof life is around 30 years to 50 years. The life of a cedar roof depends on the regular maintenance and the way of installation is done.

Type 2 Metal Roof:

Metal roofs are typically made from aluminum, zinc, or copper. They endure the harsh conditions of the outdoors and provide a long-lasting and durable surface for your home. They come in a variety of styles and can be installed on any type of roof. Aluminum is an affordable material that requires very little maintenance, but zinc and copper generally cost more, although they do require more upkeep.

Life of a metal roof: There are different types of metals. The life of a metal roof is depending on the quality of the product used.

Type 3 Rubber Roof:

Rubber roof is an attractive alternative to traditional asphalt roofing. It is extremely durable and cost-effective. It is also easy to maintain. Rubber roof life varies from 5 to 20 years. Life of rubber roof: Rubber roofs are usually installed on flat roofs, and are there for replacing asphalt roofing. Rubber roof life is based on the quality of rubber used in a particular product. Tile Roof: Tile roof is another type of roofing that is considered to be a more expensive option. They are typically found in Europe and the United States. They are made from porcelain or clay. They can be found in different colors and styles.

Type 4 Asphalt Roof:

An asphalt roof is a common material for roofing because it is very durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains and high winds. Asphalt roofing products are Canada’s most popular choice for residential and commercial buildings because they have a relatively inexpensive up-front cost and are fairly simple to install.

Life of an asphalt roof: The asphalt roof is typically installed to cover the majority of a building. ASBESTOS, which is one of the most durable roofing materials on the market, can last for 40-60 years without being replaced. However, it’s not unheard of for homeowners to have their roofs replaced after just 10 years due to strong winds or hail storms. The average cost for a new roof is between $5,000-$10,000.

Recommended roof replacement schedule based on the material used.
Roof material Age (in years)
Composition Shingles 15-20
Asphalt Shingles 10-20
Cedar Shingle 25-30
Rubber Roofs 15-40
Metal Roofs 40-70
*The range of recommended roof replacement age depends on the material quality and maintenance frequency.

These suggested time frames will vary depending on the climate that the roof is exposed to. Severe winters and humidity may wear out the materials more quickly. After a severe storm or high winds, it is good to get on the roof and check for any damage.

Reason 5 Roofing inspection determines repairs aren’t sufficient

We recommended inspecting your roof every 6 months and after heavy storms. Inspection will help to increase your roof life. Regular roof inspection prevents emergency situations.

Roof expert will identify following things during roof inspection
  1. Loose, cracked or damaged shingles
  2. Missing shingles
  3. Sagging
  4. Mold or rot
  5. Signs of water damage or leaking
  6. Holes or dark spots

Moss, mold, and fungi (such as mushrooms) indicate trapped moisture, which can ruin a roof. To do away with moss that collects in shaded corners of your roof, use a stiff brush but be careful to address any underlying problems. If obvious moss remains after brushing, contact a roof specialist to get the roof properly inspected.

Curling or Buckling Shingles: When shingles start to curl or buckle, it’s a sign that they’re no longer properly attached and have likely already sustained damage. The curved surface can be caught by a strong wind, leading to further damage the next time it storms. In some cases, a qualified roof repair company can replace specific shingles, but the problem can signal a larger problem. So, it is a better option to replace your roof.

Missing Shingles: Strong thunderstorms put a lot of strain on roofs. The extremely high winds often cause shingles to lift or fly off completely. Sometimes you can replace a shingle or two, but the potential for repair depends on the missing shingle’s location and the condition of those surrounding it. The roof inspector will make a decision depending on the situation of your roof.

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