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Roofs are arguably an essential part of your building. If your roof gets damaged, be warned, you are in for a lot of trouble. But there are ways to reduce your problems. As an owner, always remember that your roof needs proper maintenance and constant checking.

But there are a few things that confuse all of us. While it is hard to find the issues immediately, it is harder to know what to do when you find an issue. But you have nothing to worry about, at least not after you read this article.

This will guide you to know and decide when to repair, patch, or replace your roof based on the issues, the ways to solve them, and the seriousness.

General warning signs of issues in your roof

Your roof could pass off as a roof in proper condition that needs no repair. None of us are to blame. When you look from a distance, the roof looks all good. That is precisely why you should start taking a closer look. Know the significant issues and check for those warning signs. In no time, you will be able to figure out the problems with your roof and get it repaired or replaced before it becomes dangerous and cost you a lot more. Here are a few signs you could look out for.

  • Water stains in the interiors
  • Discolored areas
  • Cracked shingles
  • Gutters are filled with granules from the shingles
  • Wood rot and visible light in the attic
  • Algae formation in the roof
  • Sagging roof

All the ones mentioned above are common signs you can check for in a roof to know why the roof needs some care. But you cannot decide that when there is a sagging roof, you need to replace it and not repair it. It is not that simple to decide. Instead, it would help if you weighed other factors before deciding what to do.

Factors to know when to do what

Roof’s age

The first and most crucial factor you should consider when deciding between repairing and replacing the roof is the roof’s age. How long has it been since you purchased this roof? Is the roof a few months or years old, or has it already crossed a decade?

Because when roofs age, there are more chances of damage and wear and tear. This could lead to further problems. So, it is vital to keep a note of your roof’s age and consider it before deciding whether to repair or replace the roof.

Severity of damage

How severe is the damage to the roof? Did water get under the roof, and is moisture affecting it? Was the deck damaged? Is the leak because of a minor problem? So, check how severe the damage is and if it has affected a larger area. For example, say one small section of your roof is damaged. You can repair it quickly and move on. But if the damage is extensive, you might have to weigh the costs of repairing and replacing. Similarly, if the issue is so deep or has other underlying reasons, you should consider replacing the roof.

Roof type

What type of roof do you have? Interestingly, your roof type could determine a variety of factors. For instance, each roof type can last for a certain number of years. When we talk about the slate roof, its longevity is said to be over 100 years. So, if you have a slate roof, you can invest in repairs than replacements. You can contact experts to know the durability of the roof type. Having said that, you should also know if the problem is more structural and internal, you might have to replace the roof, irrespective of its type.

Long term plans

Always think of the long-term troubles and benefits that could result from your decision. Suppose you repair the roof. Gauge how long it can withstand and be useful before it needs additional repair or patching. Similarly, if you want to sell your building in a few years, replacing your roof could add to your resale value and attract buyers. So, consider long-term plans to choose whether to repair or replace your roofs.

Energy efficiency

With advanced solutions, the energy efficiency of the new roofs keeps improving. Likewise, with time and technological developments, roofs and their capacities evolve and get better. So, when you are wondering whether to repair or replace your roof, see if your roof’s energy efficiency methods are outdated or not. Then, depending on the age of the roof and its energy efficiency capacity, you could choose to get it repaired or replaced and save more on the bills in the future.


When you think of what to do with your roof, your budget plays a significant role. Even if the roof is in a very bad condition, if you cannot afford to replace it, sometimes it is good to get it repaired for the time being and start saving up to replace your roof before it is too late.

But sometimes, it could be different. So, it would help if you made an informed decision. Suppose there is a constant issue with the shingles of the roof. Should you repair a few shingles, or should you look into replacing and buying a new set of shingles?

The cost of repairing the issues in the roof could sometimes outweigh the overall expense that could incur in replacing the roof. Or you might have to repair the roofs constantly. Instead, you could opt for replacements over constant repairs. So, you should decide based on the budget and compare the expenses for repairing and replacing before you make a decision.

Condition when you should choose to repair or patch the roof

  • Minor or moderate roof damage
  • New or recently replaced roof
  • Budget
  • You can DIY with minor repairs
  • A small area is damaged

When should you replace your roof?

  • Extensive Damage
  • Overall repairs cost is more or equal to or only slightly lesser than replacement expense
  • The roof age has expired
  • New roofs can help you save more and boost your resale value
  • Needs to be repaired very often

Bottom Line

While you can weigh in all these factors, it is always beneficial to have an expert check the roof and the severity of the damage. It will help you make a more informed and wise decision, saving you time, cost and effort.